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About SeattleShieldTM

Seattle Shield was established in 2009 and is a collaborative partnership for sharing information and resources between the Seattle Police Department and select entities in the downtown Seattle core.  Our goal is to report and disseminate any recent suspicious activity information to all Seattle Shield members.  All suspicious activity reported must be behavior based.  It is important to keep in mind that suspicious behaviors, such as taking photographs, is not a criminal act but may be indicative of future criminal intentions.

The Seattle Shield membership is comprised of a number of private and public-entity security managers as well as local and federal law enforcement who secure Seattle's critical infrastructure.  This includes prominent office towers, Seattle's primary sporting venues, national landmarks, and public transportation partners.

Seattle Shield uses a secure internet-based website to send out alerts to partners in the program.  By sharing this information in a timely manner the chance of deterring potential terrorist activity increases as well as the possibility of identifying ordinary criminal activity.

Seattle Shield sponsors a voluntary bi-monthly meeting for members to attend.  The meetings allow security specialists an opportunity to train and assist partners regarding treatment and protocol of handling suspicious behaviors.  Members may also use the meetings to network with others who have similar concerns as well as ensure understanding amongst members, efficiency in dealing with suspicious behavior, and the safety of Seattle.

Communication on behalf of our partners is critical to the success of Seattle Shield.  They have a working knowledge of locations they secure and are more likely to notice suspicious behaviors at these areas than law enforcement.  Their ability to report suspicious behaviors to Seattle Shield allows law enforcement to follow up on alerts and together achieve success in the mission of protecting Seattle. 

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