Seattle Shield was established in 2009 and is a collaborative partnership for sharing information between the Seattle Police Department and select entities in the Seattle area.

The mission of Seattle Shield is to provide a collaborative and information-sharing environment between the Seattle Police Department and public/private partners in the Seattle area.

Seattle Shield members assist Seattle Police Department efforts to identify, deter, defeat or mitigate potential acts of terrorism by reporting suspicious activity in a timely manner.

The Seattle Shield membership is comprised of a diverse group of private and public partners, security managers, local and federal law enforcement, and others, who secure Seattle's critical infrastructure. This includes prominent office towers, Seattle's primary sporting venues, national landmarks, public transportation partners, etc..

Seattle Shield uses a secure internet-based website to receive information from, and send alerts to, members. By sharing this information in a timely manner, the chance of deterring potential terrorist activity increases as well as the possibility of identifying criminal activity.

All suspicious activity reported must be behavior based. It is important to keep in mind that suspicious behavior, such as taking photographs or videos, is not a criminal act by itself, but may be a precursor to criminal activity.

Communication between members is critical to the success of Seattle Shield.  Our members have a working knowledge of the locations they secure and are more likely to notice suspicious activity at their place of business. Their willingness to report suspicious behavior to Seattle Shield allows law enforcement to follow up, and together we achieve success in protecting our city.

Seattle Shield hosts a bi-monthly meeting for members. These meetings provide an opportunity for networking and training in subjects such as: identifying suspicious behavior, surveillance detection, information to have available when calling 9-1-1, and active shooter training.

Membership questions? email us at info@seattleshield.org